Friday, July 17, 2009

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For Caitlin

To Grandmother's House We Go

So this is a little late. Oh well. In April, Gideon and Naomi and I all drove to eastern Idaho to drop Naomi back off at school at BYU-I. It as such a fun trip! Gideon graciously rode in the back wit his work buddy who rode along, while Naomi and I had some girl bonding time up front, making secret wedding plans (neither of us was engaged yet...), eating dried mangos and then dealing with what happens after you eat your weight in dried mangos. Don't ask. Gideon and I stayed with my grandparents and had a blast. They just loved him to death. We wrote our names together on the "wall" in my grandparents basement (see previous post). We took a nap in the basement, looked at old pictures of my grandma and grandpa as little kids, I tried on my grandmother's wedding dress (which I couldn't zip up), ate pickled beets and even took some home, and Gideon even wore my grandpa's shirt to church because he forgot his. It was a wonderful little get away weekend, and so great to see my grandma and grandpa.